Dive in and Explore Kindergarten

Religion: Unit 3:

God's Love Gives me People to Love
In Unit 3 the children will take pride in their ability to respond
 to others. The chapters in Unit 3 help the children to discover ways in which they can show love to people who care for them. 

ELA: Unit 3 Changes all Around Us
Essential Question:  How do changes affect us?

Math: Chapter 11

How can comparing objects help you measure them?

heavier, lighter, longer, shorter, taller, same height, same length, same weight



High-Frequency Words:
I, am, the, little, a, to, have, at, and, is, in, it, we,
my, like, he, for, me, with, she, can, see, look, they, you, of,
 one, two

Kindergarten Class Schedule
Monday: Technology

Tuesday: Physical Education, Library

Wednesday: Technology, Music

Thursday: Physical Education

Friday: Spanish, Art

 Our class has Physical Education on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Please make sure to send your child to school in their gym uniform and sneakers those days.


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