Technology Websites

4th Grade Ecosystems Powerpoint

Use these sites to help you research for your ecosystem PowerPoint


Food Chain Game

Humans/Animal Habitat Game

National Geo Habitats

Interactive Animal Adaptations


Please create an 10 slide Microsoft PowerPoint presentation about the Ecosystems.  Remember to pick a color theme throughout the project, be careful about how much picture custom animations you use, and to use slide transitions.  One picture should be on each information slide.

Slide 1 – Title Slide

Slide 2 – Describe where we can find your ecosystem

Slide 3 – What is the climate like in your ecosystem?

Slide 4 - What is the terrain like in your ecosystem?

Slide 5 & 6 – What animals can you find in your ecosystem?

Slide 7 - What are some of the adaptations the animals have made to survive?

Slide 8 – What are the different kinds of plants you can find here?

Slide 9 –Why is your ecosystem important to our planet?

Slide 10 – Bibliography  -Ending Slide