2nd Grade


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Mrs. Small

Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta

Unit 6

Theme- The United States and Our Traditions


Length of Unit -5 weeks


Description-In this unit, students will travel with Flat Stanley, and learn the geography of the United States, it's weather and climate, traditions, as well as reading maps and graphs.

Overview--Throughout this unit, students will explore the United States including its geography, weather, and traditions. They will accomplish this goal through research both traditional and hands-on labs, nonfiction reading, and audio-visual materials. In Social Studies as part of our "Flat Stanley Unit, students will learn about many of the different states and traditions of our country, as well as, our country's geography. In addition, we will learn more about how to read maps and graphs to learn directions, and gain information. In Science, the students will explore the many different regions of the United States, and the weather and climate of these areas. The students will explore these topics through realistic fiction, nonfiction, high frequency vocabulary, physical maps of the United States, Flat Stanley geography apps of the U.S., and audio-visual aids.  Students will continue to learn what it is to be a responsible writer using learned spelling and grammar skills, editing skills, and vocabulary. They will make connections to their reading and observations by writing letters, and keeping a Flat Stanley journal of his travels throughout our country. In math, we will be measuring and comparing measurements with Flat Stanley, as well as reading and understanding graphs to gain information. This will include mental math and associated vocabulary. 

Essential Question-What is unique about the United States including its traditions, and geography?

Catholic Identity Elements-Students will learn the traditions of our Catholic Church community and how to put our faith in action. Using our text Blessed Are We, and additional activities we will discuss the meaning of evangelize by caring for others in need, and the dignity of work and the rights of workers. The students will learn the importance of being polite, kind, and just towards others. The students will learn vocabulary such as joy, apology, politeness, peace, and character.

Objectives- Students will be able to demonstrate an understanding of the United States geography including different regions in the United States, and the climate and weather associated with these regions. In science, students will use observation, experimentation, and research to be able to describe in words and drawings different types of clouds associated with different weather conditions and learn what animals need to survive in these areas.  In Social Studies, students will demonstrate an understanding of how to read a map for directions and information. Students will be able to apply their new knowledge of the United States geography to better understand our nation, and its traditions. Students will also be able express knowledge gained about our country through journaling about Flat Stanley's travels. In Math, students will be able to demonstrate the ability to read, compare, and understand measurement and graphs. In health, students will learn about what it means to have healthy habits, such as exercise, sleep, healthy foods, and water. We will also learn about water safety and why it is so important.

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