2nd Grade


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Mrs. Small

Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta

Unit 3

Theme- Creativity

Length of Unit -6 weeks

Description- In this unit, students will learn about how the support of others can help create change.

Overview--Throughout this unit, students will learn about how the support of others can help create a positive change in our environment especially as it affects our natural resources. This will be achieved through research both traditional and technological, nonfiction reading, and audio-visual materials. Students will also learn about people of long ago, and how with the support of others brought about change to our world through inventions, and discoveries. This will be done through realistic fiction, nonfiction, high frequency vocabulary, map skills, and audio-visual aids. In addition, the students will learn how words rely on others support to create their own story about change in their school community.   In math, we will learn how shapes can work together to create a more complex shape. We will also learn how to use creativity with the support of others to measure different items in our environment.

Essential Question-When does support from others help with a creative idea?

Catholic Identity Elements- Students will learn about God’s creation, and how we can care for it with the support of others throughout our global community. Using our Gospel Weeklies magazine and handbook, along with additional activities we will discuss what people in our church community do to care for God’s creation, and what God ‘s word tells us about how much he loves all of His creation. The students will learn vocabulary such as liturgy, Adam and Eve, Noah’s Ark, rainbow and self- image.

Objectives-In Social Studies, students will be able to demonstrate an understanding of what we as individuals have done to create change in our world through ideals, dreams, and discoveries. In science, students will be able to describe ways to save our natural resources from depleting, and protect our Earth’s beauty, and how we need the support of others to achieve this goal. Students will also be able to make connections between ourselves and the Earth that God has created for us.  To care for this gift we have been given, we need our church community and our neighboring communities. In Math, students will be able to demonstrate multiple ways of measuring creatively, and using 2 and 3 dimensional shapes to create new objects. 

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