2nd Grade


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Mrs. Small

Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta

Unit 5

Theme- Responsibility

Length of Unit -6 weeks

Description-In this unit, students will learn what it means to show responsibility.

Overview-Throughout this unit, students will explore what it means to be responsible for both plants and animals on our planet, and the effects weather and climate may have on this. They will also continue learning to be responsible citizens of our planet by discovering new ways to conserve our natural resources. They will accomplish this goal through research both traditional and hands-on labs, nonfiction reading, and audio-visual materials. In Social Studies, students will explore different services offered by our government as a form of responsibility to its citizens. In addition, we will learn a citizen’s responsibility as both a consumer and producer in order to help the economy of our country.  Students will explore these topics through realistic fiction, nonfiction, high frequency vocabulary, map skills, geography of the U.S., and audio-visual aids.  Students will learn what it is to be a responsible writer using learned spelling and grammar skills, editing skills, and vocabulary. They will make connections to their reading and observations by journaling using research and sequencing skills. In math, we will demonstrate responsibility in learning and applying our math facts as we discover; measurement using both inches and centimeters, and reading and interpreting graphs. This will include mental math and associated vocabulary. 

Essential Question-How can we be responsible people?

Catholic Identity Elements- Students will learn what it means to be a responsible member of the Catholic Church community. Using our text Gospel Weeklies, The Eucharist , and additional activities we will discuss the meaning of the Eucharist, our part in the mass, how to act responsibly at mass, and how others show responsibility and caring towards us.  The students will learn vocabulary such as Body of Christ, The Eucharist, Communion, Easter, Arms Giving, Sacrifice, Prayer, Offertory, Works of Mercy, and Son of God.

Objectives-Students will be able to demonstrate an understanding of what we as individuals and a society can contribute by acting responsibly in our world. In science, students will use observation, experimentation, and research to be able to describe in words and drawings the components of being a responsible pet owner, showing responsibility in growing plants, and conserving our resources as a responsible member of our planet. In Social Studies, students will demonstrate an understanding of our country provides services necessary to help and protect its citizens. In addition, students will demonstrate an understanding of our nation’s economy, and how we can act responsibly as consumers and producers of goods and services through nonfictional materials including books, as well as, technology. Students will be able to apply geography skills to better understand our nation’s economy. Students will also be able to make connections between information provided in books and their own lives through journaling. In Math, students will be able to demonstrate how to measure in traditional and nontraditional ways, and use graphing to gather and interpret data.

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