2nd Grade

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Mrs. Small

Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta

Unit 1

Theme- Exploration

Length of Unit -6 weeks

Description-In this unit, students will learn about what it means to explore and investigate new things and new places.

Overview-Throughout this unit, students will explore the Solar System and the NASA space program through research traditional and technological, nonfiction reading, and audio-visual materials. Students will also explore different types regions in America, and communities including rural, suburban, urban, as well as, our church community. This will be done through realistic fiction, nonfiction, high frequency vocabulary, map skills, and audio-visual aids. In addition, the students will explore what makes a sentence, the different sounds a vowel can make, and different ways to write numbers including place value, words to describe numbers, and expanded form.


Essential Question-What can we learn from exploring new places and new things?

Catholic Identity Elements-- Students will learn about what it is to be a part of the Catholic Church community. Using our text  The Good News and additional activities we will discuss what people in a church community do together, and what it means to be God’s people. The students will learn vocabulary such as Body of Christ, caring, belonging, praying welcoming, giving, and working together.

Objectives-Students will be able to demonstrate an understanding of what we as individuals and a society can learn by exploring new places and new things. In Science, students will be able to describe through words and drawings the components of our galaxy and some facts that we have learned about our Solar System. In Social Studies, students will demonstrate an understanding of our countries regions, and types of communities through nonfictional materials including textbooks, trade books, as well as technology. Students will be able to explain the characteristics of a rural, urban, and suburban environment including changes that occur seasonally.  In addition, they will demonstrate how to apply map skills such as direction using a compass rose, and make connections with these skills to everyday life. Students will also be able to make connections between the characteristics of our church community, and our neighboring communities.  In Math, the children will be able to demonstrate multiple ways of writing two and three digit numbers. This will include place value, odd and even numbers, numbers in written form, expanded form, patterns, and different names for numbers. 

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