2nd Grade


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Mrs. Small

Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta

Unit 2

Theme- Teamwork

Length of Unit -6 weeks

Description- In this unit, students will learn about connections and how living things help one another.


Overview-Throughout this unit, students will learn about the plants and animals and how they rely on each other through research both traditional and technological, nonfiction reading, and audio-visual materials. Students will also learn about citizenship, and service in our communities including school, town, country, as well as, our church community. This will be done through realistic fiction, nonfiction, high frequency vocabulary, map skills, and audio-visual aids. In addition, the students will learn how words rely on each other to make a sentence, the different s types of words including vowels, nouns adjectives and adverbs.  In math, we will learn how numbers help us to construct arguments and critique the reasoning of others, and how number fluency helps us to make sense of problems and persevere in solving them.

Essential Question-How do living things help one another?

Catholic Identity Elements-Students will learn about the Saints, and others who serve in our Catholic Church community through our text, The Good News, which includes weekly magazines and a handbook along with additional videos from Formed.org.  We will discuss what people in our church community do to help others in need, and what it means to love thy neighbor as thy self. The students will learn vocabulary such as; hero, saint, holy, praise, thanksgiving, and prayers of petition.

Objectives-- Students will be able to demonstrate an understanding of what we as individuals and a society interact, help, and rely on one another. In science, students will be able to describe through words and drawings the characteristics of plants and animals, and how they help each other to survive. In Social Studies, students will demonstrate an understanding of what it is to be a good citizen, and how our government helps to keep us safe in our communities both local and national. We will do this through nonfictional materials including books as well as technology.  In addition, students will demonstrate how to apply map skills such as direction using a compass rose and map key, and make connections with these skills to everyday life. Students will also be able to make connections between serving others in our church community and our neighboring communities.  In Math, students will demonstrate multiple ways of using addition and subtraction fluency to help them solve problems. This will include using drawings and equations to represent problems.

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