1st Grade

Mrs. Boettcher's First Grade Class!

Welcome to first grade. 
This will be an exciting year of reading, writing, and learning!

Meet your teacher:

My name is Lauren Boettcher. This is my fifth year of teaching and I am very excited about what the school year holds!  I graduated in 2011 from Dowling College with a bachelor’s degree in Special Education and my B-6th teaching license. I have since furthered my education and received my master's degree in Literacy B-6th also at Dowling College in May 2014. I love spending time with my husband and twin sons. In my spare time I like to shop, swim at the beach, and read.

Upcoming tests:

** Math Test on chapter 4 this Thursday- 12/13

** Science Test on food chains- This Wednesday 12/12
**Every Friday there will be a spelling, and religion test.

Important Dates!

December 2nd- Second trimester begins

December 7th - Half Day (Parent-teacher conferences)
December 12th -  Winter Concert @ St. James Church- Setauket 6:30pm

December 19th - All School Mass 1:15pm
December 20th - Gingerbread University 
December 21st- Half day of school
 December 24 - January 1st- Christmas Break!
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!!

Unit Plan 3

Theme-Community & Leaders

Length of Unit-6 weeks

Overview- Throughout this unit, students will learn about citizenship, and service in our communities including, school, town, country, as well as our church community. This will be done through realistic fiction, nonfiction, high frequency vocabulary, map skills, and audio-visual aids.  In addition, the students will learn how words rely on each other to make a sentence, the different types of words including vowels, nouns, adjectives, and adverbs.  In math, we will learn subtraction strategies, and addition and subtraction relationships. We also will begin learning how to use the "hundreds chart".

Essential Question- How can we learn about our country through its symbols, heroes, and holidays?


In ELA- students will take weekly high frequency spelling assessments. These tests include words with short and long vowels.

Reading- a written assessment which includes high frequency words in sentences, reading comprehension, and making connections to everyday life will be given at the end of each story throughout the unit. These assessments will include a picture response by drawing or writing a sentence about a question they may have about the story.

In Science- students will be able to describe through words and by taking a test how technology is used in our community. Students will also be expected to provide examples of how they use technology and how it has changed over time. The students will also be learning about food chains.  They will be creating a food chain with partners as their final unit assessment as well as taking a written assessment about food chains.

In Social Studies-students will demonstrate an understanding of what it is to be a good citizen in our surrounding communities including: local, state, and national through nonfictional materials.  These will include our e-textbook, and nonfiction books.  In addition, they will demonstrate how our country is represented by our symbols, heroes, and our holidays. Students will complete a project as their assessment.  They will be expected to draw their own American symbols, holidays, and heroes, and write about each.  They will use construction paper to make their stories.

In Math-Students will complete written assessments at the end of each chapter demonstrating the ability to work with numbers understanding the properties of operations in addition and subtraction, and how to use these to solve word problems.

In religion-Students will demonstrate an understanding of what it means to serve others in a Catholic community by answering questions representing learned vocabulary, and giving real life example. We will be learning about Advent, Bethlehem, Mary, Joseph, and Jesus.