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Students should bring in their own smock labeled with name/grade asap in order to protect their clothing. We will be using a wide variety of art materials, which includes paint. A smock that covers uniform shirt sleeves is the best choice.
Posted by Guest  On Sep 14, 2017 at 9:23 PM 48 Comments
Art students will learn Studio Art techniques this year 2017-2018. They will explore a variety of media from Watercolor, Drawing, Collage, Clay, Sculpture, Printmaking, etc.  We will have an "OLOW Featured Artist" bulletin board for students who draw during their own time and would like their art shown.  Opportunities to exhibit Art within our local community is something I'm looking into for my Art students. I will offer special after school "Art Club" sessions from time to time with group community Art projects or fun activities. Be sure to check my Art class pages for Art Contest info I post. Currently I posted a link to LEGO ART contest at Stonybrook Village Center. Entry deadline is Sept 15 for this contest. All you LEGO builders, I'd love to see your LEGO creations! You are always welcome to email me with any questions.  Thanks! Mrs Rahner 
Posted by Guest  On Sep 09, 2017 at 7:28 PM