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ART CLASS STUDENT SUPPLY LIST for 2017-2018 school year Please arrive for Art class with the following supplies for our year of creating Art : -a shoebox that will be your "Art Kit". Students must label their art kit and are encouraged to decorate it at home with collages etc.  -a Sketchbook, standard paper size, not small (spiral bound is preferred) -#2 pencils -erasers  -Markers (broad line) * Crayola brand is preferred but other brands are acceptable to bring. -Crayons 24 pack  -Colored pencils (full range of colors) -Watercolor paint set - 2 Black Sharpie markers  -scissors - 2 glue sticks  - a Smock (labeled with student name) * these will be kept in the Art Room Items that are always appreciated for our Art Room: -Baby wipes -Paper towels -Paper or plastic plates  - Zip lock bags - Patterned or designed fabric - Interesting wrapping paper with fun prints (We do LOTS of collage projects in Art!) Thanks so much! I look forward to creating Art with you this year! -Mrs Rahner   
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